Pure Love - My pesonal blog about my passions

Have you ever asked yourself what is love, true love, "pure" love? According to you is there a form of love like this?

For me pure love has different shapes: it's my daughter's excited eyes when she gives me a beautiful drawing on the notebook that I forgot on the kitchen table, it's my 1 year old son's smile when he looks at me happily because he has just succeeded to grab the remote control and throw it on the floor, shattering it in thousands of pieces; it's my wife's tricky smile when she throws away one of my lucky sweater and, looking at me with those wonderful green eyes, she tells me "well... I don't know where it is, don't you remember where you put it?". Pure love is those passions that I keep for myself since I was a child: photography, which now is my job, even if I can't think of it like a job because I just have so much fun; music, rock especially; sport - yes, I know what you are thinking... "You and sport? No, I can't believe it!"... Well, yes: from 5 to 26 years old I practiced sport unstoppably: karate, basketball, volleyball...; dance, which I would like to practice with my wife; motogp, which I watch with my two little children, the friends that share all my passions.
All of these for me is pure love.

That's how my blog is born, a space where I can share with you pure love: the one lived by my heart and captured by my lens.

I will tell you about my job and the amazing people that I meet everyday - newlyweds, dads, moms, children - but even what happens to me during the day and that can be considered any kind of pure love...

So... my dear friends... I can now just wish to you a good reading!

Lydia & Dave - Destination Wedding in Ravello

Lydia and Dave was the last destination wedding in 2016, masterfully organized by Annie Peacock by Charisma Italy.

An explosion of love and friendship.

These are some photos of their wedding.

Photography – Mario Feliciello Life & Pure Love Photography
Event Designer & Coordinator – Annie Peacock by Charisma Italy
Venue – Villa Eva (Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy)
Accommodation - Villa Fraulo (Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy)